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If Only You Knew I Loved You...

you never knew,
how my heart overflows with love for you.
you never saw
how you fill my hopes and dreams.
how slowly you reigned over my lonely heart,
you ruled supreme.
in the dark of night,
only to think about you
in the broad day light
only to feel your loving flight
I flee to the boundless azure firmament
feeling as if
Never to touch the ground again...

you never guessed
how much I longed to hear your voice
how firmly you hold my happiness in your palm,
I feel,
how your presence
heals all the wounds
you give me the joy to
dance like a peacock
in the grassy meadow
when the cloud floats in the sky… 

✿✿ hujan masih lagi menyembah bumi...alangkah bagus andai poem ini benar....✿✿

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✿✿..terbuai-buai indah...✿✿