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korg mmg t'baek dlm hdup aku...luv u..=)

ble ana ngn diba melalak..luv u 
me,diba n iqa...frenz 4 ever yea..=)


Friendship is unfeigned and perdurable,
It soothes on letdowns and anguishes,
By building memories so memorable,
It's very kind and hence it touches,
The heart and effaces the pains,
Let's live it all now as it says,
I'm ye shade also ye rays,
Ye rays of copious hope,
I last long and belong,
To the friends that,
Stay always with,
Without perfidy,
With only love.

Its the bonding of two souls that remains forever,
They prevent each other and back up in failure,
Mistakes make ups and downs in friendship,
It doesn't cause them to leave each other,
As, strong is the rope that holds the two,
Don't break ever break this rope of love,
For true friends are very rare and few. 
 p/s:last but not list...
sory ek.....
xde pic ko...
maaf bnyk2....

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✿✿..terbuai-buai indah...✿✿